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Lana Del Rey Is Pivoting to YouTube Vlogger

Lana Del Rey.
Lana Del Rey. Photo: Getty Images

If you enter 2019 but do not set a New Year’s resolution, did you even start the New Year at all? Are you forced to exist forever in a limbo state, not quite away from the hell that was 2018 but unable to fully participate in whatever wonders/horrors await in the not-too-distant future? (Note to self: Pitch this concept to Charlie Brooker. Black Mirror: New Year’s Day. I called it!) Lana Del Ray will never find out, because Lana Del Ray is pivoting to full YouTube Vlogger, IRL edition.

The singer and Gucci muse tweeted out her plans just under the wire before the new year began. “My New Years resolution is to live more like an Instagram baddie/YouTube vlogger in my real life,” she explained, adding that she would not actually be starting a YouTube vlog. Pour one out for all the potential false-lash tutorials and sepia-toned travel vlogs we are now summarily being denied. Heretofore, Lana will be known as a vlogger with no vlog. (She has a good reason, however: the vibes are “for my own personal pleasure LOL.”)

At first blush, pivoting to Instagram baddie/YouTube vlogger seems simple enough. But there are many different kinds of baddies on Instagram, and varying types of Vloggers. To which subculture will Lana commit herself? She has done the research, and decided. Here, a brief summary of Lana’s new faves.

It’s accessible, yet inspired. Is it prohibitive? Absolutely; the average person cannot afford personal trainers, pricey glow-ups, or the kind of life that allows you to wear pajamas all day, every day (though you can and should try!). Yet what is luxury if not exclusive? If everyone could pivot to YouTube vlogger, then no one would.

Lana Del Rey Is Pivoting to Vlogger