Louise Linton’s Instagram Is Back, Baby!

Louise Linton. Photo: Venturelli/Getty Images

For the past year and a half, Louise Linton and her PR team have been working furiously to rehab her public image, which was extravagantly tarnished by an August 2017 Instagram post in which she boasted about her #hermesscarf and #valentinorockstudheels in the caption of a photo that showed her descending from a government plane alongside her husband. The former actress and wife of Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin made her Instagram and Twitter accounts private, has called herself a “regular girl” and a “no makeup girl” and a “bozo” and has said that she is “super duper sorry” for the post. Now, after months and months of penance, Linton’s Instagram is finally back, although it has been significantly overhauled to focus on her #charitywork.

Linton’s Instagram bio now says she is an “Actress, writer, director, producer, animal advocate, volunteer.” There are only two posts on her page. The first features a picture of Nosey, a now-36-year-old elephant who suffered terrible abuse while traveling around the country with a circus, and a link to a CNN story about New Jersey passing Nosey’s Law, which prohibits wild animals being used in circus performances. The second is a series of pictures of her volunteering at the Central Union Mission in Washington, D.C.

This is not the first time Linton has revamped her social-media presence. In June, Christina Cauterucci at Slate wrote about her Instagram transformation from “Louise Linton, thirsty designer-label enthusiast adorned in diamonds and platinum, into Louise Linton, benevolent diplomat with a heart of gold.” Her posts included pictures of her high-fiving a young girl with Down syndrome in Jerusalem, and her posting with a yellow lab at a Pets for Vets roundtable at the White House. These posts have since also been deleted.

Perhaps her next post will oh her holding a $1 bill without gloves.

Louise Linton’s Instagram Is Back, Baby!