i love the holidays!!!!!

All I Want for Christmas Is a Coat That Makes Me Look Like a Bear

Photo: Photo Illustration by Stevie Remsberg/Photo Courtesy of the Retailer

I know yesterday I said that all I want for Christmas is silver doll shoes, but I lied. All I want for Christmas is a coat that I can wear when I’m in the Berkshires for the weekend. The whole point of a weekend cabin getaway is to stay in your pajamas as much as possible, but at some point one must venture out, and when one does, one should ideally be wearing Max Mara’s rediscovered ’80s Teddy Bear coat.

I love this coat. The wool makes me feel like I am being hugged. The long length adds drama. It’s perfect for wearing out to cocktails with friends on super-cold nights in the mountains. And then back in the city, worn over a hoodie and sneakers, it will look almost hypebeast-ish — or at least fully stylish. Of course, I could wear a more practical coat, but what’s the fun in that? In conclusion, please buy me this coat.

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All I Want for Christmas Is a Coat That Looks Like a Bear