Melania Trump Goes Blonde on Fox News

Melania Trump on Fox News.
Melania Trump on Fox News. Photo: Fox News

On Wednesday, Melania Trump sat down with Sean Hannity for a Fox News interview, where he asked her a series of hard-hitting questions, such as “What is the hardest part of being First Lady?” and “When did you know that Trump was ‘the one’?” Her replies are getting traction, but many people have also noticed something else that was featured in the interview: the First Lady’s new blonde hair.

It’s obviously not uncommon for a person to dye their hair — and in most instances, it’s not even really notable, especially when a person just goes a few shades lighter. But blonde hair has become such so emblematic of both Fox News and the Trump administration — and Melania had been sporting a light brown ‘do for a while now. So, many people couldn’t help but notice the change, and some even wondered if the Melania screenshots were even real.

But of course, others were more focused on what she actually had to say, rather than her hair.

We wonder if she’ll address this all on her next jacket.

Melania Trump Goes Blonde on Fox News