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This Potato Can Teach You Makeup

a potato
What is she thinking? Photo: Getty Images

Makeup can feel daunting, especially in a world filled with cut creases and strobed-out highlighters. Beauty bloggers can help demystify even the most rigorous of routines — bonus points if they are relatable, bubbly, and make the viewer feel like they’re getting glam with the BFF they never had. But have you ever considered taking makeup advice from a potato?

Yes, consider the potato: The humble root that transforms from salad to fries, and tastes delicious no matter the presentation. Now, thanks to a TikTok video by user elona_balasyan, you can take shadow tips from a savvy spud.

Elona’s technique is as multifaceted as her canvas’s surface: She uses a beauty blender and a kabuki brush to apply and blend foundation, before quickly cutting away to reveal perfectly penciled eyebrows. Grab a flat shader brush to build your smoky eye, before finishing it with a slash of NYX Professional Epic Ink eyeliner. She finished with a red lip, a drawn-on nose, and a swath of blonde hair. Instant NYE glam!

And because the internet is a vast and weird place, Elona’s viral tweet found its way to another person who had experience in potato makeovers. “I did this years ago for a school project and it’s haunted my camera roll ever since,” Lauren Nelson wrote of her potato, which she’d given false eyelashes and teeth. Mrs. Potato Head, maybe it’s time to get a channel?

This Potato Can Teach You Makeup