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A Fancy Lip Balm That Makes All Your Lipsticks Look Better

Photo: Courtesy of the Retailer

I have a theory and it’s that lip products, be it a sheer matte lip stain, a velvet crush lip stain, or a red lipstick that allegedly looks good on everyone, all look considerably worse around this time of year.

I’m pretty sure it’s because the dry winter air is slowly sucking any semblance of life out of lips, so these products start to have an opposite effect: Instead of tricking people into thinking you’re happy or very alive, they amplify the flakes and cracks that make you wonder if you’re actually okay: Am I drinking water incorrectly? Do I secretly sleep with my mouth open? Should I buy a bunch of winter face masks? (The ski/balaclava kind, not the sheet kind.)

I may or may not be okay, but Sara Happ Plump & Prime has made my lips look and feel way better than fine. The name is slightly misleading — “plump” often signals sticky, tingly, and stingy, but it’s actually a velvety, moisturizing cream that works similarly to primers that go on your face. A few swipes instantly smooths and fills lips in, essentially airbrushing over anything that would look uneven, flaky, or gross under your favorite lip stick/stain/gloss, which will subsequently stay on for so much longer.

This also makes an excellent lip balm when worn on its own. It leaves a sheer, semi-matte sheen that clings to your lips and the combo of moisturizing lipids and smoothing peptides makes lips feel as freakishly soft as they do right after exfoliating (even if you haven’t tooth-brushed them — a key smooth lips hack — try it if you haven’t, in a while.) This little wand does magically make your lips look and feel plumper, but in a totally natural, hydrated way — like you’re really good at drinking water, definitely don’t sleep with your mouth open, and were born naturally impervious to wind-chill.

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A Fancy Lip Balm That Makes All Your Lipsticks Look Better