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A Nail Polish Remover That Smells and Feels Amazing

Photo: Courtesy of the Retailer

I remove my makeup every night. Mostly because I don’t want to go blind, but partly because makeup removers these days feel amazing. They come in balms, oils, and milks, all of which are like soft caresses for your face. I avoid removing my nail polish almost always, however. I prefer to let my polish slowly chip itself into oblivion because polish removers are more like slaps in the face that leave your fingers feeling flammable and self-conscious that their flammability can be smelled miles away.

In excellent news for my fingers and my co-workers’ noses, nontoxic nail care brand Tenoverten has one that’s quite the opposite. It feels and smells like all of those gentle makeup removers, but for nails and the surrounding skin.

The Rose Polish Remover Liquid is free of acetone, parabens, sulfates, and most importantly, that headache-inducing scent that signals to anyone within a 20-foot radius that there’s a nuclear apocalypse coming for your old manicure. Instead, the skin-care-style bottle is full of soothing rosehip extract, nail-strengthening horestail leaf extract, and moisturizing favorites aloe and vitamin E.

Hold a soaked cotton pad on each nail for 10–20 seconds to break down the top coat, and inhale as deeply as your heart desires. Close your eyes, while you’re at it — you’ll enjoy the process for once. Swipe upward and your nails will emerge residue-free, your fingers will feel surprisingly soft, and no one will ever catch a whiff of the fact that you’re redoing your nails instead of doing your actual work.

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A Nail Polish Remover That Smells and Feels Amazing