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15 Teddy-Bear Coats for Maximum Coziness

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It’s cold outside, it’s the darkest time of year, and all you really want to do is crawl into a cave like a bear and hibernate. But even if you can’t justify taking seven and a half months off (yes, that’s how long bears hibernate, and no, I definitely didn’t just google it), you can still at least feel like a bear in a teddy coat. The fuzzy, oversized coats, usually in shades of sweet brown, are definitely the plushest trend of the winter. Read on for 15 that will make you look like Paddington.

The Most Chocolaty Option

Look at that beautiful shade of brown.
Available in sizes XS-L.

The Most Feminine Option

Say brown isn’t really your color — that’s totally fine. Channel the bear’s prey instead with a lovely shade of salmon.
Available in sizes 14-28.

A Truly Versatile Option

This coat means business. You could wear it to brunch, you could wear it to a black-tie event. What I mean is, you don’t have to take it off until the first sign of spring.
Available in sizes XXS-M.

The Luxe-Feeling One

Photo: 18-08-28 zoranakuzmanovic PM1 B7 benbrubaker W

If you want even your coziest outerwear to look fancy.
Available in sizes S-L.

The Casual One

This is the coat you reach for when you’re running out to grab a bacon-egg-and-cheese. No fuss, but lots of style.
Available in sizes 1X-3X.

The Dramatic One

The length and the lapel give this coat some flair. We also love it with a hat.
Available in sizes 36FR - 42FR.

The Café au Lait Option

Photo: 18-11-30 ineslopez AM1 B9 raypfeiffer W

A coat for the person who loves flat whites.
Available in sizes 36FR - 44FR.

The Polar-Bear Coat

If You Love Mustard

This yellow is cooler and more daring than deeper shades of brown.
Available in sizes 0-14.

The Classic

The texture is quintessential teddy bear.
Available in sizes 14-24.

If You Can’t Get Into Brown

A rosy teddy works, too.
Available in sizes 14-26.

The Furry Option

If you want a texture that feels more like real fur than like fleece.
Available in sizes 0-14.

The Dulce de Leche Coat

For everyone with a sweet tooth.
Available in sizes XXS-XXL.

If You Love Pockets

If You’re Really Fancy

It’s hard to tell this one apart from a real mink, but it’s cruelty-free.
Available in sizes XS-L.

The Original

If you’re really invested in teddy bear coats, nothing is better than a Max Mara.
Available in sizes S-L.

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15 Teddy Bear Coats for Maximum Coziness