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Gift of the Day: An Alpaca Wool Blanket

Photo: Courtesy of the Retailer

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After long days of gloomy winter weather, all I ever want to do at the end of the night is take off my makeup, throw on a pair of the softest pajamas, and curl up in my bed. We’ve already raved about these cashmere PJs from M.M LaFleur, but now allow us to suggest the next step to achieving peak coziness: this wonderfully chic plaid blanket from Brooklinen.

Made from eco-friendly wool sources, it’s warm yet not uncomfortably heavy and just the right size to schlep on a mountain retreat (or just an airplane ride to your parents’ house). If tan doesn’t fit your bedroom’s color scheme, you can also buy it in a variety of sophisticated neutral tones like greige, dark gray, and cream. When you’re not using it, lay it artfully draped over a chair for a page out of Architectural Digest.

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Gift of the Day: An Alpaca Wool Blanket