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Hear Jill Kargman Talk About Being On TV And Surviving Breast Cancer

Stella Bugbee and Jill Kargman. Photo: Shutterstock, Getty Images

The Cut on Tuesdays

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On this week’s installment of the How I Get It Done podcast, Stella Bugbee talks with writer and actress Jill Kargman, who wrote and starred in her own Bravo series Odd Mom Out for three seasons as a first-time actress. She talks with us about being on screen for the first time as she was turning 40, working 18 hour days while raising her three kids, surviving breast cancer, and much more.

STELLA: So you had given that speech and I came to say, “Hi. How are you?” You said, “Actually, I had surgery two days ago?”

JILL: Two days.

STELLA: Two days ago.

JILL: You were my port in the storm that day. This sounds melodramatic, but I was barely standing before you. I thought I was going to die.

STELLA: You were actually giving a speech in front of several hundred people.

JILL: I know but I had committed to do this so long before and when they found these two lumps in my left boob, time was of the essence and there was talk about like do we do a lumpectomy? I was like, no, I want a double mastectomy because we had ascertained that I had this gene, breast cancer gene and I just was like under the knife really quickly. It happened very fast and when I looked at the calendar, I thought, I’ll still have two days in bed. It was two days after I had come from the hospital so it’s four days in bed. I’m to recover and I thought, I can roll my bag of bones two blocks away. Do this thing and then get back in bed, which is what I did but those two hours were really hard.

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Jill Kargman Talks Being on TV And Surviving Breast Cancer