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Meet the Brooklyn Ducboi

The mandarin duck at Central Park.
The mandarin duck at Central Park. Photo: TIMOTHY A. CLARY/AFP/Getty Images

Whatever is cool in Manhattan has already been done in Brooklyn. This rule remains true for ducks, apparently. While we were all getting very excited about the one hot mandarin duck in Central Park, there were other mandarin ducks just hanging out at Prospect Park.

Initially, it was thought that Central Park’s hot duck had possibly migrated from Manhattan over to Brooklyn. A photo circulating on Twitter on Saturday showed one mandarin duck floating around at Prospect Park, which one user wrote was “proof” that our eligible bachelor had changed locations.

But according to Patch, the Prospect Park Zoo has had two mandarin ducks since at least 2012. David Barrett, the man who runs the Manhattan Bird Alert Twitter account, made a few observations about the pair at Prospect Park. It was thought that the ducks might have been a couple, but Barrett says there’s no evidence of that.

“As far as I know, Prospect Park Zoo now has a pair of Mandarins, but I have seen nothing to suggest they are a mating pair,” Barrett explained to the Cut. “In fact, based on photos @lotuswinnielee posted from her weekend visit, they are two males – an adult and a juvenile.” Not much else is known about the other two ducks, other than that they are permanent Brooklynites as part of the Prospect Park Zoo.

We’re not sure what the hot duck in Central Park has to say about all this, if he’s feeling threatened by these other ducks, if he’s afraid the crowds will wane now that people know there are two ducks on the other side of town, or if he doesn’t care, because he’s enjoying his absolute freedom just north of Midtown. But, regardless of what he thinks, it’s certainly not a bad thing that there are more beautiful ducks in the city.

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Meet the Brooklyn Ducboi