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Why Are We Entertaining Meemaw’s Beer Cheese?

Photo: Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images for MTV

I don’t mean to be rude. I — of course!!! — hope Brittany and Jax start a successful business through which they use cheese they bought at the store and Bud Light they bought at the store to produce a snack dip that is sold in stores. I’m just not sure we should be paying so much attention to it at this moment.

Although, I suppose when Ariana was going to write a cocktail book (angering Sandoval, because why shouldn’t he be the one purposelessly talking about writing a never-going-to-happen cocktail book), we spent a few episodes on it. We went to the photo shoot, we watched her argue about it with Sandoval at brunch. I suppose when Katie wanted to start a makeup blog, we watched everyone go to the party. I suppose when Stassi was a blogger for Pandora’s website (?), we watched her attempt to use a computer while at the pool. I suppose when Jax wanted to start a sweater company, we listened to him say that he wanted to start a sweater company. I suppose we watched entire episodes about Scheana, Tom Sandoval, and Lala’s attempted music careers.

Okay never mind, I guess I do know why we’re entertaining the beer cheese.

Speaking of things we’re entertaining, Tom and Tom “need to interview potential Tom Tom servers.” Heh. Of course, Lisa is also there, as is some other guy who looks mostly like an adult. Tom Schwartz wants to hire everyone, Tom Sandoval wants to know why everyone doesn’t have photographs of their cocktails on their iPhones and why they only worked at their bar job for a couple months. (He had photographs of his cocktails on his iPhone and is still working at his bar job!)

We know, however, that the servers will likely be chosen for their emotional instability, various weaknesses, and on-camera potential. (Or their relationship to John Mellencamp’s daughter, the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’ Teddi Mellencamp, whose brother was hired during his interview.) Speaking of James Kennedy: he’s fired!

James Kennedy — one of the many SUR workers who would have been fired long ago had the workplace been a real workplace, and one of the many SUR workers who has been fired in the past — has been fired once again. Katie’s ultimatum from last week’s episode worked. This time, he’s fired because he needs to stay sober. Yes, this seems correct.

Will Lisa’s tough love work, or at least help rather than hurt? We’ll see next episode, when, as we saw in the upcoming scenes from next week, he opens the door and Lisa is there, and maybe gets his job back immediately.

What else? Lala went to the Gotti premiere, and now everything else just seems so small … also Raquel is still on the show, which is a major win for Raquel every week. Congratulations to Raquel!

Will Vanderpump Rules be back on Monday next week, or will it be on Sunday again, confusingly? I can’t wait to find out. C U Next Week!

Jax and Brittany Are Still Making Beer Cheese