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Someone Put Gum in Brittany’s Hair!

Photo: Aude Guerrucci/Getty Images

Poor Brittany-from-Vanderpump-Rules. The 29-year-old has had to put up with so much in her three seasons of Vanderpump life.

There was the time Jax, her boyfriend, spread a rumor that she hooked up with Kristen Doute. There was the time Jax, her boyfriend, cheated on her with (one has to imagine) several thousand women in the Los Angeles and Las Vegas areas. There is the time, modern-day, when she has to talk about Meemaw’s Beer Cheese as if it will someday be a working business that she’ll run alongside Jax, her — oh no — fiancé (!). And now someone put gum in her hair???

Damn, it’s true. According to TMZ, Brittany got into an argument with a woman on a recent Delta flight. It led to a very … sticky situation, haha:

Cartwright claims she was using the first class bathroom on a Delta flight to Miami Sunday when a woman shook the handle several times. Cartwright says once she got out of the restroom she showed the woman where the sign said occupied as she was using it. 

According to Brittany, the woman waited until they deplaned to approach her again. At that point, the woman pushed her and grabbed her hair. “Cartwright says it wasn’t until she got home that the woman had put gum in her hair,” says TMZ. Damn. Not even season-one Stassi would sink to such a low … just kidding she would have for sure.

Brittany says she has the woman’s flight information and plans on pressing charges and, of course, we wish her luck. Unfortunately, the gum had to be cut out of Brittany’s hair … just like how James Kennedy has to cut drinking out of his life if he wants his job back at SUR on Vanderpump Rules, returning next Monday on Bravo!

Vanderpump Rules Star Victim of Airline Gum Attack