20 Things John Mayer Looks Like in This Photo

John Mayer.
John Mayer. Photo: Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images

Forty-one-year-old musician John Mayer recently posed for a GQ photo shoot titled “John Mayer’s Greatest Fits.” It featured a variety of looks, from high-waisted pants to satiny bomber jackets to … whatever this is. “You shouldn’t let fashion hurt your feelings. If it does, that’s a good indicator you’re taking it way too seriously,” he said of the look. “Anybody, at any time, should be allowed to wear whatever they like.”

Meanwhile, comedy writer Matt Buechele observed, “John mayer looks like the final boss in Wisconsin: The Video Game.”

Both sentiments are true! John Mayer should be allowed to wear whatever he likes, even (and perhaps, especially) if it makes him look like a Wisconsin-based video-game character. Here are some other things he is free to look like:

• A wood-paneled PT Cruiser

• Parachute day in elementary school gym class


• A discarded brown paper lunch bag floating in the wind

• Someone who read the first half of Into the Wild and found it “inspiring”

• A guy who was not invited to Kanye West’s Wyoming listening party, but wishes he had been

• The Georgia O’Keefe men’s collection

• The sensation of a “u up?” text arriving to your phone

• The smell of Axe Body Spray and American Spirits

• The limited-edition Coachella Ken doll

• Somebody who’s at risk of tripping over his shoelaces

• Justin Timberlake’s Man of the Woods (2017)

• A freshman showing up to his third Intro to Guitar class

• A sip of Coors Light when you’re parched and that’s all there is to drink

• The Oliver Twist dance movie reboot

• The blanket you used to cover you and your middle-school boyfriend when he first felt you up in your parents’ basement

• A 15-year-old welcome mat

• When your mom wakes you up for school but you’re still kind of asleep so you just grab whatever’s laying on the floor

• “#VanLife”

• 41-year-old John Mayer

20 Things John Mayer Looks Like in This Photo