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Ariana Grande Turned Her Ponytail Into Sailor Moon Buns

Ariana Grande. Photo: Dia Dipasupil/FilmMagic/Getty Images

Last night, millennial hair muse Ariana Grande released a new and very extra video for her post-breakup song “7 Rings.” It is fittingly full of new and very extra hairstyles, like a breathtaking, cathedral veil-length ponytail that seductively splays itself down a neon-pink staircase.

Even the chorus — arguably the most recognizable and pivotal part of the song — includes the line, “You like my hair? / Gee thanks, just bought it.” I do like her hair! Especially her modern take on the signature hairstyle of Sailor Moon, the middle-school student who secretly protects Earth from an assortment of evils in her downtime.

It seems Grande took her brown, off-duty space buns from last year and combined them with her signature long ponytail extensions in Usagi/Serena blonde. The end result is an excellent rendition of the Odango hairstyle, also known as the “Meatball Head” look if you’re still haunted by the taunts of Darien in the English TV version of Sailor Moon that would air on Cartoon Network in the afternoon.

We’ve seen “Sailor Moon buns” pop up here and there, but they’re always more off-duty Usagi/Serena (Sailor Moon during the day) at school. Grande, however, fully commits to Sailor status with sparkly, bejeweled accessories pinned into each of her buns, and on-trend barrettes clipped to the long pigtails we once thought were only possible in cartoon form.

If you’re feeling inspired, I highly recommend watching the three space-bun tutorials below before watching the five seasons of Sailor Moon I just realized are on Hulu right now.

Ariana Grande Turned Her Ponytail Into Sailor Moon Buns