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A Motivational T-Shirt for 2019

Photo: Courtesy of Amazon.

As promised, new and timely slogans that we’re thinking about a lot will be added to the Cut Shop regularly. Here’s our latest addition.

As anyone who’s ever gotten bangs can attest, they aren’t just a hairstyle — they’re a state of being. When the Cut’s Madeleine Aggeler got a trim last year, it transformed her inside and out, prompting her to suggest that everyone get the cut in 2019.

“Bangs are both classic and ever so slightly edgy, practical and whimsical, a sweet little curtain of hair for your forehead,” she wrote. “They give you a ‘look’ without you having to learn how to create a ‘look.’”

Granted, not everyone wants bangs. But with this new Cut T-shirt, you can be on Team Bangs even if you don’t cut your hair.

As Aggeler suggests, may 2019 be the year you “gaze out at the world around you from under a soft, protective visor of your own hair, confident in the knowledge that you are standing of the shoulders of fringed greats.” And that you have a new T-shirt to match.

Shop the Cut’s “Get Bangs” tee, below.

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