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How to Celebrate New Year’s When You’re Famous

Celebrities celebrating New Year's 2019.
Happy 2K19! Photo: taylorswift/Instagram

Hello and welcome to 2019, a year so fresh and new that it has yet to be ruined by … well, the circus of horrors that was 2018. Shhh, shhh — never mind the fact that such a statement will be rendered incorrect in the next … eh, I give it 24–48 hours. For now, we have a clean slate. For now, this has been a good year so far.

And what is a new year — or any holiday, really — without pixelated evidence of how the famous half celebrated it?

Madonna performed at Stonewall Inn in Greenwich Village, and included “Like a Prayer” and Elvis’s “Can’t Help Falling in Love” in her set. Her son David Banda provided the acoustic guitar accompanying the sing-alongs. As for resolutions, she challenged the crowd to “commit to disarming people with unexpected acts of kindness.”

Cardi B rang in the New Year in Australia, where she and her friends gave an impromptu elevator performance of Kanye West’s “I Love It.” Kim Kardashian West was a fan; she even asked for a remix.

Andy Cohen and Anderson Cooper took shots on live TV, which is a new goal for 2019 I previously did not have.

Kendall Jenner, Ben Simmons, Kylie Jenner, and Travis Scott all showed up at Drake’s New Year’s Eve party, which isn’t awkward at all when you consider Kanye West’s tweets about the rapper. Instead of sharing her location, Kendall distracted the world with an Instagram of some very pretty green eyeliner. The Shade Room, however, knows all.

Riverdale stars Camila Mendes and Charles Melton took in the new year with a couple’s vacation to South Korea. If you start the year as you mean to go on, it appears they will be roasting each other a lot in 2019.

Taylor Swift threw a “childhood heroes” costume party, which included looks from Gigi Hadid and Blake Lively. Ryan Reynolds wore a simple suit, probably because he no longer trusts costume mandates.

A closer look at Gigi Hadid’s Mary Poppins costume, which included a lot of highlight for a very modern update. (No, not that update.)

In lieu of a Christmas card, Gabrielle Union and Dwayne Wade opted for a New Year’s card that parties like it’s 1989.

Tracee Ellis Ross expertly accessorized her sequin dress with gold jewelry and a hunting vest.

Meanwhile, Jennifer Lopez leaned all the way in to a feathery New Year’s-themed headband.

And two Hemsworth couples counted down in front of the same balloon backdrop. You know what they say: The family that parties together, treats hangovers together the next morning.

How to Celebrate New Year’s When You’re Famous