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Beyoncé Spotted Amidst the Glamorous Aisles of Target in LA

Beyoncé at Coachella, not Target.
Beyoncé at Coachella, not Target. Photo: Kevin Winter/Getty Images for Coachella

Beyoncé’s net worth was $355 million in 2018. She doesn’t need to expect more and pay less, but that doesn’t mean she isn’t just as appreciative of the calming and endless aisles of Target as the rest of us. Thanks to the very dedicated folks over at BEYONCÉ LEGION, we know that Beyoncé made another trip to a Los Angeles–area Target on Monday afternoon.

It’s not exactly clear what this specific trip was for. We can assume based on the photos that she was walking down an aisle with baby items, as there are several boxes of Pampers at the end. She might have been picking up something from Chrissy Teigen’s kitchenware collection — and Chrissy was quick to point out that Beyoncé could have saved herself the trip.

Maybe she was just taking a shortcut through to another area of the store. It’s a possibility we can’t rule out. Either way, everyone seemed a little bummed they missed out on such a luxurious shopping experience.

She definitely overdressed for the occasion, wearing a peach-colored jumper from Peter Pilotto and a very stylish pair of sunglasses. As the rest of us know, this isn’t the dress code for Target — you’re supposed to wear something you’d never want anyone you know to see you in. But it is Beyoncé, and it’s not her first trip to the store. She has a well-documented love for Target. She’s even made Christmas and Easter and shopping trips there.

Beyoncé Spotted Amidst Glamorous Aisles of Target in L.A.