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You Can Now Filter by Star Sign on Bumble

Photo: dragana991/Getty Images/iStockphoto

Perhaps you have had this harrowing experience: You meet someone on a dating app who seems interesting and charming. The conversation is going well, and you’re feeling optimistic. But then, somehow, it comes up in conversation — three ominous words: I’m a Gemini.

(Or whatever sign you hate most — some Geminis are great! I promise!)

Anyway, for the astrologically inclined who are looking to avoid certain signs, one dating app has finally offered a solution. As of mid-December, Bumble began allowing users to filter their potential matches by star sign, making them one of the first mobile dating services to do so. This came after an update in late 2018 that allowed users to proudly list their sign on their profile.

Have you dated three fire signs in a row and feel like you need a more grounding earth sign in your life? You can adjust your preferences to exclude people who have identified themselves as an Aries, Leo, or Sagittarius — though, as a caveat, it only works with people who have chosen to publicly list their signs.

Since it was quietly rolled out, the new feature has been greeted with general excitement on social media:

But is this definitely a good thing? Will an additional filter rooted in the stars truly improve one’s chances of finding love? Skeptics would say no, of course. And an astrologer who declined to be named told the Cut that she feels wary about the update, as she’d warn against excluding certain signs altogether while searching for romance.

“The signs that are said to be the worst for you are obviously the most fun to date,” she explained. “Passion lies in tension! Too much compatibility means boredom.”

Given the myriad of ways a date from online can be disappointing, filtering out Leos isn’t a guaranteed way to ensure that you’re not going to end up on a date with someone who will absolutely waste your time. But if you feel like it’s a way to lower the probability of that happening, you can just adjust your preferences in settings.

You Can Now Filter by Star Sign on Bumble