Of Course Cazzie David and Taylor Swift Are Friends Now

Photo: Taylor Swift via Instagram

Remember Taylor Swift’s famed “girl squad,” in which she would befriend nearly every cool woman who was even slightly famous? It still exists, albeit less ostentatiously — and as such, she has of course befriended the very cool Cazzie David.

David, a.k.a Larry David’s daughter, has been formally inducted into Swift’s circle with — what else? — an official Instagram photo.

On Thursday night, Swift posted a “20wineteen” photo on Instagram of herself with David and Selena Gomez, enjoying white wine and selfies.

David, who still seems to be living her best chill life post–Pete Davidson breakup, also posted her own Instagram pic of a Polaroid of herself, Swift, and Este Haim (it is unclear if there were other Haim sisters at this particular hang).

Who knows how they all met, but in 2017, David told Refinery29 that she’s a huge fan of Swift, who she called “great, and extremely talented.”

David, as per usual, seems effortlessly chill, even about befriending someone she’s been a fan of (though it probably comes with the territory of being an ultimate cool girl).

Of Course Cazzie David and Taylor Swift Are Friends Now