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Watch Chanel’s New Film Featuring Flouncy Skirts and Perfume

Take a chance on Chanel. Photo: Courtesy of Chanel

There’s typically not a lot to enjoy about an audition: You’re sweaty, you’re nervous, and you just want it to be over only to start the truly agonizing waiting period of waiting for good news. The whole process feels out of your control, and maybe a little like it’s all up to … chance. Which coincidentally happens to be the name of Chanel’s newest launch, the fruity, floral Chance Eau Tendre eau de parfum.

Chanel’s new film ad explores the nerve-wracking and unpredictable nature of an audition. In the film, a large group of aspiring Chanel Chance models do some pretty intense prop work with a red velvet chair. Voices off-camera can be heard saying very audition-y type things, like “How about this one?” and “She’s great!” or “No!”

Finally, four lucky Chance representatives wearing candy-colored tutu skirts are selected. They rendezvous on a giant cushion to celebrate their victory, to spin out in a flurry of fluffy skirts. Click below to watch all the pastel-tinged pinwheeling.

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Watch Chanel’s New Film Featuring Flouncy Skirts and Perfume