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Elle Fanning’s Face Has a New Job

Photo: Desiree Navarro/Getty Images

Last year, Miu Miu favorite Elle Fanning made her runway debut by opening and closing Miu Miu’s F/W 18 runway show. Today, she’s cementing her Miu Miu Miuse status by debuting as the face of the brand’s newest fragrance, Twist, which launches at Sephora tomorrow.

Miu Miu Twist is basically Fanning in fragrance form: It’s youthful but sophisticated, profound yet lighthearted, “transcends the ticking away of time, space, and status,” and looks great in very pale pink (see below.) This is all achieved through perfumer Daniela Andrier’s sparkling and surprising blend of apple blossom, tonka bean, cedarwood, and something called “The Pink Amber,” Andrier’s own invention that smells like burnt sugar cane cutting through crisp air.

The accompanying campaign is full of the same unexpected Twists, turns, and Miu Miu wordplay that the scent evokes. We follow Fanning as she takes on a number of starring roles in a series of vignettes that aren’t always what they seem.

The teaser trailer is only 30 seconds, but I’m sure Stefon would agree; it has everything: An extremely long millennial pink cape, a high ponytail, a quizzical cat, a ’60s-inspired dance number, and use of a lot of words that kind of sound like “Miu,” at the beginning (like “moon,” “movie,” and “mood.”) The Miusic’s good, too. Check it out below:

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Elle Fanning’s Face Has a New Job