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Essie Just Released 17 New Soothing Nail Polish Colors

I want them all. Photo: Courtesy of Essie

Just because your fingers are spending most of their time shoved inside mittens doesn’t mean your nails can’t look nice. In fact, maintaining a nice manicure when the weather is anything but nice always feels like a particularly good achievement, like finally finishing a candle or remembering to bring your lunch to work. Which is why it’s great news that Essie just launched two new nail polish collections.

The TLC Metallic collection offers “8 knockout shades” that all have names that could potentially motivate you to go to the gym even though it is very cold, like “glow the distance” and “pep in your rep”. What makes the TLC (Treat, Love, and Color) polishes special is that they are infused with collagen and camellia oil to hopefully strengthen your nails, making them less brittle over time and therefore less prone to break. Plus, you don’t need to use a base coat or a top coat with them, they’re that good.

The other collection is called “Serene Slate” and encourages you to spend some time away from your screens (harsh, Essie, but fair) and meditate on these soothing neutral colors. Shades like “press pause” and “on mute” are gentle reminders to slow it down, while “gadget free” and “wire-less” are a little bit more upfront about checking in on how attached you might be to your phone. Both collections are available now, and if there’s one low-tech activity that never gets old, it’s painting your nails and flipping through a magazine. Of course, sharing your beautiful new mani on Instagram remains a still a very good use of technology.

TLC Metallics, L to R: Laced Up Lilac, Finish Line Fuel, Power Plunge, Steel The Lead, Glow The Distance, Got It Golding On, Pep In Your Rep, Keen On Sheen.
Serene Slate, L to R: Press Pause, Toned Down, Serene Slate, Gadget Free, Generation Zen, On Mute, Mind-Full Meditation, Wire-Less Is More, Cause & Reflect.

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Essie Just Released 17 New Soothing Nail Polish Colors