Frankie Grande Is No Longer in a Throuple

Frankie Grande. Photo: Nicholas Hunt/Getty Images

Frankie Grande (a.k.a. Ariana Grande’s brother) has announced that he is no longer in a throuple. The former Broadway star and current cell-phone-case designer told Us magazine that he has split up with the married couple with whom he had been in a relationship.

If you had not previously been aware that Frankie Grande was in a throuple, allow us to enlighten you with all we know. Grande first introduced his two boyfriends, Daniel Sinasohn and Mike Pophis, to Us magazine in November of last year. “These are my boyfriends,” he said.

“Mike and Daniel are both extraordinary people and I think the world of them,” he elaborated in a follow-up statement (!) to the magazine. “Each of them complete me in different ways and I am honored to be in this very special, very fun relationship.”

During the course of their relationship, the throuple did fun things like dress up as Grindelwald and his house-elves for Halloween. They also watched the election together, saw Harry Potter and the Cursed Child together, and celebrated Hanukkah together.

Grande also told Us in November that the best thing about Sinasohn was “his dick,” and the fact that he is smart (he added that Pophis is smart, too).

But, alas, nothing gold can stay. On Wednesday, Grande told Us that he’s now single, adding that being in a throuple was “so complicated.”

“You have double the highs, double the excitement,” he elaborated, “but also double the lows, double the drama.”

Still, he said, he harbors no hard feelings toward his ex-boyfriends.

“Thank you, next!” he proclaimed. “I’m so bleepin’ grateful for my exes.”

Frankie Grande Is No Longer in a Throuple