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This K-Beauty Brand Is Launching at Target

Photo: Courtesy of Glow Recipe

The benefits of eating vegetables have been hyped forever by doctors, moms, and the healthy-eating Instagram accounts you probably have a love-hate relationship with. If it’s good enough to eat, then maybe it’s also good enough to put on your face. Enter Sweet Chef, the newest brand from the team behind the K-beauty curator, Glow Recipe.

If you’re already familiar with Glow Recipe’s best-selling Watermelon Glow Sleeping Mask, then it’s probably not surprising that with Sweet Chef, they have turned to yet another line of food-forward beauty products. They have released three new vitamin-packed serums and accompanying sheet masks: Kale + Vitamin B, Ginger + Vitamin C, and Beet + Vitamin A.

The Kale + Vitamin B formula should soothe and hydrate, the Ginger + Vitamin C is key for brightening dark spots and evening skin tone, and the Beet + Vitamin A version soothes skin and helps to refine pores. Each combination was chosen to maximize the benefits of each, and you can further customize your skin-care routine by combining each of them. Want to try and achieve the trendy “glass skin” look? Then reach for the beet and ginger. Interested in hydration? Beet, kale, and your go-to moisturizer should do the job. The serums will be $20, the masks $4, and they’ll be available online at Glow Recipe on January 16, an at Target on January 27.

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This K-Beauty Brand Is Launching at Target