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5 Turtlenecks Like Frank Ocean’s Perfect Floral One

Frank Ocean. Photo: Steve Eichner/Penske Media/REX/Shutterstock

Much has been said about Frank Ocean, but too little has been said about his ability to wear a turtleneck. I realized two things when I saw Ocean on the cover of GQ. 1) He can really pull off a pastel floral turtleneck and 2) I had never really seen a human wear a pastel floral turtleneck before. At runway shows like Prada and Richard Quinn, yes, but on a human who isn’t styled for a particular brand’s vision? No.

The sweater has an inherent dissonance between the springiness of the florals and the winteriness of the turt. It’s very sweet, but doesn’t feel like something Zooey Deschanel wear. It’s a level too eccentric and begs to be balanced out by a pair of distressed jeans and a neon puffer jacket.

I’m sure many people take inspiration from Ocean to go after things in their lives that seem unattainable. If what he inspires you to do is reach for the stars and wear a risky fashion choice, you’ve come to the right place. See five similar turts below to start your own journey.

Available in sizes XXS–M.

Available in sizes 2–6.

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5 Turtlenecks That Are As Good As Frank Ocean’s Floral One