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How Michelle Yeoh Looks So Good

Photo: Courtesy of Dior

If you managed to stop staring at that photo and start reading this, then congratulations are in order. Michelle Yeoh looked absolutely fantastic at the Golden Globes, from her Dior Beauty makeup to her emerald green Shiatzy Chen dress and the actual engagement ring from Crazy Rich Asians. To find how Yeoh’s skin glowed, the Cut spoke with Yeoh’s makeup artist, Sabrina Bedrani, who has been working with her for 15 years. Read on for her technique for opening up the eyes and Yeoh’s sheet masking trick for keeping her skin hydrated through 14-hour flights.

Michelle looks incredible. What sort of products did you use to create this look?
I always start with skin prep. For me it’s the key thing, especially with someone who’s a little bit older. I used Dior Capture Youth Resurfacing Water to clean the skin, then I used the Dreamskin serum, and the Capture Youth moisturizer. It gives you a healthy radiance even when you’re been traveling a lot or it’s winter, or both!

Then, I used this new foundation that I am obsessed with, the Forever Skin Foundation. It’s really silky and velvety, but it’s not too thick. I didn’t really want to make a makeup statement, I just wanted her to look beautiful. I focused on her eyes. I lined her eyes with Diorshow On Stage eyeliner in black. I used the brown shade from the 5 Couleurs Eyeshadow Sugar Shade Palette. I put a little on the crease of her eye and then on the bottom of her lash line. I used a kohl black pencil and put it on the inside of her eye, which is why I balanced it out with the brown shadow on the bottom of the eye. Then I used the lash primer and then Diorshow mascara in black.

Looking at this photo of her, you can really see just how well the brown shadow under the eye makes the whole eye stand out in such a beautiful way.
I know! I’ve known Michelle for like 15 years and even she was like, Are you putting black inside of the eye? and I said yes, and she said, “No, please! I had to be like, “You need to stop [Laughs] just trust me.” After we were done she was like, Wow, this is the first time I’ve worn black on the inside of my eyes and it actually makes them look bigger.

Sometimes if you just do the black line, it can close up the eye, but if you play with the bottom lashline and enhance that, it opens up the eye. And of course, don’t forget mascara on your lower lashes!

Bedrani touches up Yeoh’s makeup. Photo: Courtesy of Dior

Does she really use a sheet mask once a day?
She does! She is very, very good about her skin care. Every time I show up, she’s already got a mask or eye patches on. I bring them in my bag with me, but I never need to use them, she’s always prepared. She travels a lot, not just New York to L.A. but from Canada to Bali to Shanghai. She’s always on those 14-hour flights and she keeps her skin incredibly hydrated.

How collaborative is she in the process of creating a particular look? Sometimes you work with clients that have a specific idea of what they want, but Michelle is just very trusting. She’s always open and asks questions. For this particular look I didn’t want anything to compete with her dress since it’s such a gorgeous shade of green, so I told her what my plan was and we went from there. We don’t even get ready in front of a mirror, there’s that much trust.

What’s the key to creating a makeup look that looks good in person as well as in photographs?
You need to prep your skin and you need to use primer. And then you need to maintain it, so I leave my clients with blotting papers and powder. The key is not to do too much powder, and use the papers first, especially on the T-zone, but leave your cheeks alone. I don’t mind a bit of shine on the cheeks.

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How Michelle Yeoh Looks So Good