Can You Tell the Difference Between Lorelai Gilmore and Roger Stone?

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Wednesday! Photo: Getty Images, Shutterstock

Longtime Trump adviser Roger Stone was arrested Friday on seven charges, including witness tampering and obstruction. Lorelai Gilmore was never arrested, however both her mother and daughter were, for driving while using a cell phone and stealing a boat, respectively, and so was Luke, for kicking a car. So what do they have in common? A love of style, yes, but also a love of referencing the classic American film trilogy: The Godfather.

We now know that Godfather LARPer Roger Stone’s indictment included a Godfather reference fit for Gilmore Girls. But can you pick it out of a Godfather reference lineup? And can you tell which Godfather fan — Roger Stone or Lorelai Gilmore — said these other things? Let’s see.

Who Said It: Lorelai Gilmore or Roger Stone?

Think you know who said it? Well, make me an offer I can't refuse — and guess!

"We could sit in the corner — you know, the Mafia table, so that no one can come up behind you and whack you with a cannoli."
"Saying yes to this lunch with my mother is like saying 'Sounds fun!' to a ride with Clemenza."
"It sleeps with the fishes."
“Do a Frank Pentangeli."
"We’ll have it in an Italian restaurant. You’ll get up, go to the bathroom and come out shooting, and then I’ll send you to Italy."
"It’s in the Luca Brasi mobile out front."
"Remember in The Godfather, Michael telling Sonny how he was gonna kill Tattaglia and Captain McCluskey in that Italian restaurant? He lays out the whole thing very calmly, very unemotionally, ‘cause that’s what you do in business."
"Bada-bing all over his nice Ivy League suit."
"This is the fish on the doorstep. It’s the horse head in the bed. It’s the 'either your signature or your brains are going to be on the contract.'”
"At least I didn’t ask you for a favor on this, the day of your daughter’s wedding."
"Tell me it’s not that bastard Donald Trump."
"I will never roll on Donald Trump."
"I’m gonna be like Michael Corleone dealing with that slimy brother-in-law of his."
"Godmother, huh? Did you make her an offer she couldn’t refuse?"
"Cross the Don in the morning, sleep with the fishes in the afternoon."
"A sit down? What, did you get Clemenza to hide a gun in the bathroom first?"
"My wife is crying upstairs. I hear cars coming to the house. Consiglieri of mine, I think it’s time you tell your Don what everyone seems to know."
"I just upped and pulled a Bugsy Siegel and made them an offer they couldn’t refuse."
"Admit nothing, deny everything, launch counterattack."
"Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Wednesday."

Who Said It: Lorelai Gilmore or Roger Stone?