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Mark Zuckerberg Once Killed a Goat and Fed It to Jack Dorsey

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When you’re a tech billionaire, you can afford to do all sorts of things, like, evidently, take a very hands-on approach to making dinner for your guests.

In an interview with Rolling Stone, Jack Dorsey casually says that he once had an intense dinner at Mark Zuckerberg’s house that involved a goat, a stun gun, and a salad.

When asked what his “most memorable” encounter with Zuckerberg was, Dorsey replied, “Well, there was a year when he was only eating what he was killing. He made me goat for dinner. He killed the goat.”

To be clear, Zuckerberg didn’t kill the goat in front of Dorsey — rather, he apparently killed it beforehand with a stun gun (Dorsey initially said it was a laser gun before correcting himself, telling Rolling Stone, “I don’t know. A stun gun”) and then a knife, and sent it off to a butcher to help prepare into a dinner for his guest.

“Evidently in Palo Alto there’s a rule or regulation that you can have six livestock on any lot of land, so he had six goats at the time,” Dorsey said. “I go, ‘We’re eating the goat you killed?’ He said, ‘Yeah.’ I said, ‘Have you eaten goat before?’ He’s like, ‘Yeah, I love it.’ I’m like, ‘What else are we having?’ ‘Salad.’ I said, ‘Where is the goat?’ ‘It’s in the oven.’ Then we waited for about 30 minutes. He’s like, ‘I think it’s done now.’ We go in the dining room. He puts the goat down. It was cold. That was memorable.”

Dorsey said that he doesn’t recall if the cold goat went back into the oven, adding, “I just ate my salad.”

Upon further investigation, Zuckerberg really did declare in 2011 that his new “personal challenge” was to only eat what he killed, in an effort to be more sustainable and grateful for the food he has to eat.

It’s unclear whether or not Zuckerberg is still slaughtering his food, but at least it made for a very vivid memory for Dorsey, who added, “Revenge is a dish best served warm. Or cold.”

Mark Zuckerberg Once Killed a Goat and Fed It to Jack Dorsey