children of the corn

Justin Bieber Wants the Youth to Wear Beige

Photo: Courtesy of House of Drew

Justin Bieber has been teasing his new clothing line, Drew, since last year, when he gave fans a sneak peak of his large smiley-face logo. On Tuesday, the brand — excuse me, the House — finally launched, and the results are … extremely beige.

As we learned from Bieber’s stylist, Karla Welch, the pop star has an extremely specific, natural sense of style. Who else would hold his Vetements pants up with a shoe-string belt? Or wear hotel slippers out on the street? He’s earned titles like “Scumbro” and “Sleaze-lebrity,” for his nonchalant styling, but to us, he’s just Drew. (Not to be confused with the Snap Pack’s favorite brand, Just Drew.)

Drew is Bieber’s middle name, and the line clearly embodies his bleach-blonde DNA. According to the About Us page:

drew house is a place where you can be yourself.

blah blah blah blahsdbksjdfl

wear like you don’t care. come chill. k. bye.

Styles include hoodies, T-shirts, beige corduroy suits, and of course, terrycloth slippers, all of which feature the Drew logo, and are suggested to be worn a size larger for a “big up!” fit. Product descriptions also come with fun facts, like “there is an official wizard of New Zealand,” and “you can’t hum while holding your nose closed.”

It’s hard to hate Bieber’s Children of the Corn look, simply because it doesn’t seem to take itself very seriously. (Its prices, however, are very serious.) But that’s for Ü to decide.

Justin Bieber Wants the Youth to Wear Beige