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Who Is Justin Bieber’s Mysterious ‘Sexual Healing’ Duet Partner?

Random man, Hailey Bieber, and Justin Bieber
“The Sistine Chapel” by Michelangelo, probably. Photo: GUMU, SPOT/GAMR / SPOT / BACKGRID

Justin Bieber first began his ascent to fame by uploading covers of famous songs to YouTube. Now, his songs are famous, he’s toured the globe several times, and he’s married to Hailey Bieber, but Justin has seemingly not forgotten his roots, according to a new video obtained by TMZ.

In the clip, which was taken outside the Montage Hotel in Beverly Hills on Wednesday night, Justin tried to serenade Hailey with a cover of Marvin Gaye’s “Sexual Healing.” (Also of note: The acoustics provided by the Montage’s awning are very, very good.) When Hailey took a step back, presumably to let Justin shine in the spotlight, he reached an arm out to a bemused onlooker. It is this man I would like to know more about.

See how he knew to meet Justin’s outstretched hand with his own, like a modern-day Sistine Chapel. Bear witness to the way he enveloped Justin in what can only be known as the “dad-hug,” a fatherly reach around the shoulder so that you are both in an one-arm embrace. Marvel at how he casually whips his phone out to take a selfie, without so much as pausing Justin’s serenade to ask for one! (While it’s preferable to ask another person before taking a photo with or of them, I imagine that their singing a very horny song at you kind of lowers the barriers here.) And finally notice how Justin was so in the moment, he decided to pull Hailey in for a quaint family photo.

Alas, the man hopped into a car, presumably readied by the Montage’s valet, and Justin resumed to serenading Hailey. Where this man is now, is only known to him, and the teenage family member who will likely go viral in the next few hours with his photos. Sir, if you are out there, I have so many questions for you, up to and including where you copped those selfie skills. You are an influencer in the making.

Who Is Justin Bieber’s ‘Sexual Healing’ Duet Partner?