Kellyanne Conway Might Want to Learn How to Hide Her Shady Texts

Kellyanne Conway.
Kellyanne Conway. Photo: Alex Wong/Getty Images

According to the latest tell-all book from a former Trump staffer, Kellyanne Conway once made a ridiculously careless technological blunder: leaving her incriminating iMessages up on her laptop.

On Wednesday evening, Vanity Fair published an excerpt from former Trump communications staffer Cliff Sims’s upcoming Team of Vipers, a book that appears to be like all glimpses into the Trump White House: gossipy, replete with infighting, and, most importantly, something to be viewed him with a healthy dose of skepticism. In the short excerpt, Sims endorses the claim — one that another tell-all White House book made last year — that Conway is the Trump administration’s “No. 1 leaker.”

Sims corroborates this accusation using his own anecdotal evidence, relaying a story in which Conway asked him to type up a statement on her personal MacBook:

At that point, personal phones had not yet been banned in the West Wing, so Kellyanne was sitting at her desk texting away. And since her iMes­sage account was tied to both her phone and her laptop, which she must not have even considered, I could inadvertently see every conversation she was having.

Over the course of 20 minutes or so, she was having simultaneous conversations with no fewer than a half­-dozen reporters, most of them from outlets the White House frequently trashed for publishing “fake news.”

In these alleged conversations with every outlet from the New York Times to Bloomberg to CNN, Conway reportedly “bashed Jared Kushner, Reince Priebus, Steve Bannon, and Sean Spicer, all by name.” And though she didn’t apparently trash Trump, she apparently spoke of private conversations she had with him, and basically painted him to be a huge buffoon.

For all the talk of Conway being “a cartoon villain brought to life,” as Sims puts it, this makes her seem depressingly inept at pulling off schemes. But I guess it doesn’t necessarily take an evil mastermind to outwit, well, pretty much anyone in the Trump administration.

Kellyanne Conway Should Learn How to Hide Her Shady Texts