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A Lipstick That Looks and Smells Beautiful

Photo: Courtesy of Kilian

If lipstick tasted good, you would be tempted to eat it. So instead, it should smell good, right? Luxury fragrance brand Kilian understands. The eponymous brand from French perfumer Kilian Hennessy, is diving into the world of makeup with a new line of lipsticks.

There are six, very sensually named red-toned shades: Heaven, Aphrodisiac, Prohibited, Dangerous, Intoxicating, and Devil. Each shade is available in either a matte finish or a satin finish, so you can add your preferred amount of drama. They are also infused with notes of neroli and vanilla, so that your lips smell good enough to eat, or kiss.

The finishing touch is the tube’s design, which looks a bit like a mini-version of the cryptex from The Da Vinci Code. It showcases the Kilian motif pattern engraved in black lacquer, complete with a gold band around the middle. It combines notes of elegance and sensuality that tend to accompany Valentine’s Day, or at least the Valentine’s Day that Hallmark assumes we observe. Even if you’re a Liz Lemon–esque abstainer, these lipsticks are certainly a fancy treat.

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A Lipstick That Looks and Smells Beautiful