Can You Guess Which Single Vegetable Kylie Jenner Ordered on Postmates?

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It’s a very cold day (in some locations), so why not play a very hot game? Well, that sounds very nice. Can you guess: Which single vegetable did Kylie Jenner once order on the app-based delivery service Postmates?

Kylie Jenner, if you’re unfamiliar, is a lot of things: entrepreneur, model, mother, dog owner. She is also a fan of the delivery service Postmates. How big a fan of the delivery service Postmates is she? Well, she’s such a big fan that Postmates says she “has quickly joined [their] top percentile of customers by using the app, on average, every other day of the year, from 65 different merchants!”

In the year 2018, Jenner spent about $10,000 on Postmates, according to Postmates. Jenner recently participated in the app’s “celebrity spotlight series” which they call “The Receipt,” where you can learn various things about her Postmates preferences. For example, she once ordered “three cozy blankets” from Target. And on her birthday, she Postmated herself a cream-cheese bagel. And her most expensive order was a bottle of Don Julio Añejo 1942 Tequila. And her least expensive order? Well … that’s for you to guess!

The clue you already have in your arsenal is that the order was for a single vegetable. From this you should be able to determine various other likelihoods:

• It is likely not a tomato, as — tomato pedants love to remind you — a tomato is actually a fruit.

• It is likely not something at once plural and singular, like a bunch of broccoli.

• It is likely a vegetable that would be worthwhile to only have one of (unless she just needed another).

Do you have your guess? Okay. Please press play on the below YouTube video and scroll to the bottom of this page (slowly).

The answer is a carrot! She needed it for matzo ball soup.

Did you get it right?

Kylie Jenner Ordered a Single Vegetable — But Which One?