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Lady Gaga’s Most Lady-Gaga Moments at the Golden Globes

Lady Gaga.
Lady Gaga. Photo: Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

Lady Gaga was at the 2019 Golden Globes! And she looked fantastic! And she acted exactly like Lady Gaga!

She’s still wearing jaw-dropping red carpet ensembles, and she’s still trying to inspire us all with Hallmark-esque quotes about her ascent to stardom in her pre-show interviews.

Here’s all the times Lady Gaga acted just like herself at the Golden Globes.

She shared her inspiring journey to becoming an actress.

Lady Gaga told Ryan Seacrest about her longtime dream of becoming an actress, how she just became a pop star instead, and about the experience she had working on a film set for the first time.

“He taught me how to be present on set,” she explained to Ryan Seacrest, of her time working with director and co-star Bradley Cooper. “I really had to build this character out, because I am nothing like her. When I started out in this business I was like: Move aside! Here’s my music! Here’s My look!

She still revels in a dramatically glamorous moment.

On top of matching her hair to her stunning blue gown, Gaga worked all of her angles for the camera. She pouted, she flowed, she strode down the carpet. It was all very dramatic, and it was all very Gaga.

She wept when she won best original song.

Despite making the one of the year’s catchiest (and most meme-able) songs, Gaga was still totally shocked when she won the Golden Globe for Best Original Song for “The Shallow.” During her walk to the stage, her shoulder shook as she sobbed. When she spoke, her eyes were still wet.

She’s gushed at Glenn Close.

Lady Gaga has toured all over the world, has a fanbase with their own name and hashtags, and has undeniable star power. But that doesn’t mean she’s not going to go into fan-mode just a little bit when she meets another amazing celebrity. When Glenn Close won her Golden Globe, Gaga didn’t hold back her gushing. She clasped Close’s hands and bowed her head, transferring what must be a winning woman’s energy, as Bradley Cooper softly clapped in the background.

Lady Gaga’s Most Lady-Gaga Moments at the Golden Globes