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Do Not Lose These $995 Louis Vuitton Headphones

Louis Vuitton Horizon Earphones. Photo: Courtesy Louis Vuitton

Over the holidays, AirPods went from being the ridiculous-looking headphones you see on the subway to a New York fact of life. Apple’s release of a second model in time for Christmas meant that lots of people got AirPods as a gift in their stockings, including plenty who claimed they would never buy them for themselves.

Still, the headphones have developed a reputation for not only being the silliest looking things you can put in your ears, but also the most bourgeois. At $160 dollars, they’ve become a sign of actual disposable income, since they’re so easy to misplace.

But if you thought AirPods looked rich, wait until you see Louis Vuitton’s new wireless Horizon earphones, which will retail for approximately $995 later this year.

That’s the cost of at least six AirPods, and almost as much as a pair of the brand’s ArchLight sneakers. But think of it as an investment in your jewelry collection as well. With the French house’s monogram coming out of your ears, you’ll never have to buy a pair of statement earrings again.

Vuitton’s Horizon earphones will work with all Bluetooth devices and come in four colorways: black, white, and red Monogram, and yellow-and-blue LV stripes. In keeping with the brand’s 165-year history of travel, they’re the ultimate signifier of a luxurious on-the-go lifestyle. The real selling point, though, is that surely no one else will have them on the subway.

Do Not Lose These $995 Louis Vuitton Headphones