call me by your bath bomb

This Bath Bomb Is So Excited to See You

[Winking emoji.] Photo: Courtesy of Lush

Ariana Grande has her very own bath bomb. And now emojis are being honored with a bath bomb (sorry, noted enthusiast John Mayer — your time has not yet come). Lush announced via Instagram that it will be launching a new collection inspired by sexting emojis. BDE is honored with an eggplant. It’s somehow both the bath bomb we need and the one we deserve right now.

There is a Peachy Bath Bomb, made with real peach juice, “for the Elio in your life.” If you do not have an Elio in your life, then try the Big Banana Massage Bar, made with fresh bananas, clove bud, and orange oil, that “stimulates and rejuvenates … so you can go again.” [Blushing emoji.]

The pièces de résistance of this collection are the Bubble Bars shaped like the number six and the number nine, and meant to be purchased in a pair because, duh. The collection will be released online on Monday, and will be available in stores on January 11. Time to get all hot and bothered, which is most of what a bath is anyway.

This Bath Bomb Is So Excited to See You