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Maybelline’s New Lipstick Has a Money-Back Guarantee

Photo: Courtesy of the Retailers

Have you ever bravely purchased a lipstick and hoped that it looked good on you? Congratulations, you are everyone who has ever worn makeup! Maybelline sees you, hears you, would like to reward your courage and relentless spirit by offering you a money-back guarantee on their new Made For All Lipstick.

The new collection offers seven shades of lipstick from red to pink to plum. Maybelline tested the shades on over 50 different women to ensure that they look good on a variety of skin tones. So while you might have a preference for mauve over red, you know that both will look nice once you put it on. And if you don’t like it? You can get your money back by saving your receipt and mailing it in for a refund. Maybe you’re born with it, maybe you’ll get your money back, maybe it’s Maybelline.

The seven shades are available in satin or matte finishes. There’s Spice For Me, Mauve For Me, Pink For Me, Fuchsia For Me, and Plum For Me. Or, if you’re looking for the next universally-flattering red shade, try the matte Red For Me or satin Ruby For Me . It is slightly disappointing that there’s not a shade called You Like Me, You Really Like Me! But perhaps that will be included in a forthcoming collection.

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Maybelline’s New Lipstick Has a Money-Back Guarantee