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You Can Buy This New Cannabis Lip Balm at Sephora

Kush, there it is. Photo: Courtesy of Milk Makeup

Do you like your lips to get high … shine? Milk Makeup’s new KUSH Lip products can help you out. The brand’s new Lip Balm (“Green Dragon”) and Lip Glaze (“Chronic”) both contain hemp-derived, anti-inflammatory cannabis sativa seed oil (a well-known vegan-free moisturizing agent, which doesn’t contain THC and won’t get you high).

Of course, the products aren’t just designed to help you chill out. The Lip Balm is meant to be a hydrating base (it also contains shea, coconut, and mango butters), and the Lip Glaze offers a very high-gloss shine. Both are tinted green (so you never forget yes, we can-nabis), but go on clear. It seems like you could, uh, glaze it and give your lips the ultimate dose of moisture and gloss by layering both with your favorite lipstick.

The new lip options round out the brand’s other Kush-friendly options including their Mascara. They also have a Brow Gel to calm down you and your brows. Here’s to keeping your beauty routine dope.

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You Can Buy This New Cannabis Lip Balm at Sephora