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Nordstrom Knows You Need a Vacation Right Now

Photo: Manuela Insixiengmay/Image courtesy of Nordstrom, Inc.

This weekend the weather gods have decided to unleash a snowstorm scheduled to hit much of the country, from “Denver to Washington, D.C.” according to CNN. Arctic weather can be fun if you’re prepared with hot chocolate and maybe a list of movies to binge, but by mid-January the novelty wears off and the desperation to escape kicks in. It seems as though the good people at Nordstrom already know that you’re frantically Googling flights to warm weather destinations: For the company’s next installment of their “Pop-In” series, Creative Projects VP Olivia Kim has curated a travel-themed selection of packing necessities.

Photo: Manuela Insixiengmay, Jun Galsim/Image courtesy of Nordstrom, Inc

The Pop-In will launch today, both online and in select locations across the country, with everything available until February 24. It’s a one-stop shop for packing essentials to get you prepped for that winter getaway, from chic travel pillows for long-haul plane rides to organizational pouches that take Kondo-ing to the next level. There are also some really great finds even the most discerning design snob will love, but if you’re starting from square one and simply need luggage, they’ve got that too. Nordstrom has partnered up with Away for a collection of suitcases in bold primary colors designed exclusively for the Pop-In. The suitcases will be available in four sizes, including large, medium, carry-on size, and a bigger carry-on for those who love to enthusiastically over-pack. Now go make your resort travel dreams a reality.

If You Like a Bright Suitcase

Photo: Manuela Insixiengmay, Jun Galsim/Image courtesy of Nordstrom, Inc

While Away has always offered their suitcases in fairly muted colors, this collaboration is the first time you can buy their famous luggage in super-saturated shades like this canary yellow, or vibrant red and blue.

If You Want Marie Kondo to Approve of Your Luggage

This set includes six cubes that can hold everything from skin care to extra socks. Each cube is made of lightweight nylon with mesh inserts so you can see easily the contents.

The Secret to a Good Night’s Sleep

Whether your hotel is undergoing renovations or your Airbnb has the worst neighbors, this compact sound machine will drown out all of the madness.

Because Hotel Carpets Are Filthy

Sure, the carpet in your hotel room may look clean to the naked eye, but hundreds of people have probably set foot in there before you. These slippers are made in Japan with fabric that absorbs moisture and odor.

For the International Jetsetter

Going to multiple countries during your trip? Skip the pain of juggling multiple converters and pack this easy all-in-one adapter that’s also easy on the eyes.

When Plane Time Is Your Nap Time

Being stuck on a plan for hours on end already sucks; don’t make it worse being sleep-deprived. Unlike the standard travel pillow, this memory foam wonder hugs your neck like a scarf, which also means it offers more neck support.

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Nordstrom Knows You Could Use a Vacation Right Now