Prince Harry Is Into Juice Now

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.
Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. Photo: Kirsty Wigglesworth/Getty Images

Long gone are Prince Harry’s days of partying naked in Vegas and throwing back vodka–Red Bulls like it’s water. Now, he has reportedly become Wellness Harry, a man who is dying to talk to you about the benefits of practicing mindfulness and yoga.

According to Vanity Fair royal correspondent Katie Nicholl, Harry has turned into a whole new man since marrying Meghan Markle, his “avocado toast whisperer” of a wife who lives a PETA-approved life. These days, instead of lying listless and hungover in bed all morning, Harry is apparently starting his (early!) mornings with green juice, meditation, and a workout — and apparently, no caffeine.

“Harry used to love lying in, but he’s up super early with Meghan and the first thing he says he does is a work out, then he has a green juice,” one of Harry’s old friends told Nicholl. “Meghan is definitely behind his new regimen. They both see a nutritionist and are into their supplements.”

Rumor has it that Harry has also given up smoking for good, and is giving up drinking … until Meghan has the baby in April, at which point it sounds like he will down a pint at his earliest convenience. But right now, the prince is focusing on his “regimen,” which I’ve been told makes you look much healthier than were you to treat your body like a garbage disposal.

“We never thought Harry would be raving about yoga, but he loves it,” Harry’s friend told Vanity Fair. “He looks great, he’s lost weight, he’s super healthy, and I think he’s really happy, although I’m sure he does miss going out with some of his old mates for the occasional pint.”

So, the million-dollar question: Do you think Harry knows about Goop?

Prince Harry Is Into Juice Now