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These Diptyque Candles Are Going to Sell Out

Photo: Courtesy of Diptyque

If you’re going to buy someone candles for Valentine’s Day, you should make them from Diptyque, the French-preferred way to fragrantly set your money ablaze. Just be aware that Diptyque drops like Supreme: When a limited-edition collection hits the market, it sells out fast and will never be available again.

This year, Diptyque took pity on those who love to wax extravagant by releasing two candles, both of which are rose scented and come housed in a pop-inspired design by illustrator Jeanne Detallante.

Each one is named after a common variety of rose used in perfume. The Centifolia rose or “cabbage rose,” often seen in Dutch masters paintings and moody perfume ads, has a honeyed, soulful, almost syrupy scent, with undertones of raspberry and greenness. (You might recognize it from Chanel No. 5.) If it were a girl singer of the early aughts, it would be Christina Aguilera.

Less intense but more popular is the Damascena. If you’ve ever appreciated the refreshing scent of a rosewater mist, you’ve smelled it. It’s usually the scent people associate most with rose. It’s a lighter, more spring-like scent than the Centifolia — the Britney Spears of roses.

For now, both are still in stock and you can even buy them as a set. You can burn them apart, or, if you’re simply feeling too rich, burn them together for a more layered rose scent.

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These Diptyque Candles Are Going to Sell Out