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This Face Mask Doesn’t Get Stuck in My Eyebrows

Milk Makeup Watermelon and Matcha masks.
Milk Makeup Watermelon and Matcha masks. Photo: Courtesy of the Retailer

If pressed to pick a favorite type of skin-care product, I’d choose face masks every time. I love the satisfying reveal of a peel-off mask and the soothing ritual of a well-chilled sheet mask. I regularly double-layer cream masks under rubber ones on long flights. But clay masks were my first and truest love, and my first introduction to skin care at elementary school–era slumber parties. There’s only one thing I don’t love about them: the application process. Despite my years of experience, little piles of product get stuck in my eyebrows and hair every single time.

Milk Makeup’s new masks, however, are the most me-proof products I’ve ever met. Much like the brand’s cult-favorite serums and oils, the masks come in sticks. You simply swipe the tube across your damp face a few times to build a thin layer of product that is more uniform than any I’ve ever applied with my greedy fingers. For harder-to-reach areas, like your nose and hairline, you can use your finger; I often use that method to make sure the mask gets in around my nose ring.

For now, there are only two versions of the masks: A fresh pink Watermelon Brightening mask and a cooling green Matcha Detoxifying option. But they’re gentle enough to assuage a wide variety of issues. I have chronically dry skin that gets even drier in the winter, so I was most eager to try the watermelon mask’s combo of ingredients. I’m never all that sure how “brightness” plays into a mask’s side effects, but my skin did seem less agitated after use. And while I try to stay away from oil-absorbing products — again, the dryness! — the Matcha mask was surprisingly gentle, and easier to wash off than other green clay masks I’ve tried. (Queen Helene, I’m looking at you.)

As for my eyebrows, they’ve been mask-free and non-clumpy since I began swiping. I’d consider that a win for all regions from my neck up.

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This Face Mask Doesn’t Get Stuck in My Eyebrows