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Rihanna’s New Concealer Comes in 50 Shades

Photo: Getty Images, Courtesy of Fenty Beauty

I’m sorry to report that our hangover faces have been seen. I’m happy to report that they were seen by Rihanna, and she made us a new Fenty Beauty product specifically for this type of face.

Yesterday, the pope took to Fenty Beauty’s Instagram where she congratulated viewers on making it to 2019, noted that “half of ya’ll lookin’ busted” nonetheless, and introduced her cure for “bags, dark circles, hangovers, and bad decisions”: Fenty Beauty’s new Pro Filt’r Instant Retouch Concealer. Similar to the line’s long-wear foundation of the same name, Pro Filt’r Concealer promises A) a soft matte finish and B) to do better than everyone else by coming in an unprecedented 50 shades.

2019 Rihanna is basically Fenty Effect-ting her own Fenty Effect: In conjunction with the new concealer launch, the brand’s Pro Filt’r Foundation will also be expanding with ten additional shades, bringing the count up from 40 to 50. This will make pairing your concealer and foundation less painful — each Pro Filt’r concealer is made to complement (not match) its corresponding Pro Filt’r Foundation number, so you can grab your go-to number and adjust up or down depending on how hungover you are.

As a finishing touch to this glorious #FentyFace expansion, the brand is also launching the new Pro Filt’r Instant Retouch Setting Powder, a superfine brightener that photographs well and will come in eight translucent shades.

All new Pro Filt’r products and expansions will be available starting January 11 at Sephora, and, so continue to hydrate and brush up on concealer application with your favorite beauty vlogger in the meantime.

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Rihanna’s New Concealer Comes in 50 Shades