Roger Stone Allegedly Threatened to Kidnap This Precious Dog

L: Bianca the dog, R: Roger Stone.
L: Bianca the dog, R: Roger Stone. Photo: Getty Images

Early on Friday morning, sex- and fashion-obsessed Trump adviser Roger Stone was arrested at his Florida home. Stone, and his Richard Nixon back tattoo, were charged with seven counts including obstruction, witness tampering, and making false statements. The indictment is filled with several wild threats, some of which were directly lifted from The Godfather II. (Truly, who can resist the allure of young Al Pacino and Robert De Niro?) But one allegation was particularly pointed and brutal.

Per the indictment, Stone allegedly sent threatening messages to someone identified only as Person 2 — revealed to be Randy Credico, a contact of Stone’s who was subpoenaed testify in front of the House Intelligence Committee — in which he said the following:

“You are a rat. A stoolie. You backstab your friends-run your mouth my lawyers are dying Rip you to shreds.” STONE also said he would “take that dog away from you,” referring to Person 2’s dog. On or about the same day, STONE wrote to Person 2, “I am so ready. Let’s get it on. Prepare to die [expletive].”

The dog in question? That would be … Bianca.

All across America, ordinary citizens are following this twist in the Russia investigation, desperately yearning to know: Who is she? Here, I attempt to answer that, and find out how one small dog found herself in the middle of the Mueller probe.

What kind of dog is Bianca?
Based on my extensive canine scholarship (an illustrated encyclopedia of dog breeds I used to consult regularly as a lonely child), I initially guessed she’s a Maltese or a Maltese mix. However, the Washington Post has reported that she’s in fact a Coton de Tulear.

According to the American Kennel Club, the breed “is a bright, happy-go-lucky companion dog whose favorite activities include clowning, cavorting, and following their special human around the house. The Coton is small but robustly sturdy.”  But that’s not all! “Coton fanciers describe them as ‘witty’ companions ‘at times boisterous but never demanding’ and ‘naturally clownish and lighthearted,’” the description continues. “Amusing traits of these long-lived jesters include unique vocalizations and a knack for walking on their hind legs.” A robustly sturdy jester who loves walking on her hind legs? Same!

How old is she?
Her birthday is November 11 and she’s 13 years old, or approximately 68 years in human years. Looking good, madam.

Who’s her owner, Randy Credico, and what’s his connection to Roger Stone?
Credico’s an offbeat comedian and radio host who’s run for public office a number of times. His politics are left-leaning and he’s a fervent supporter of Julian Assange and WikiLeaks. He and Stone have had a … complicated relationship. “Over the years, they’ve worked together on political campaigns and called each other friends. But it has been a rocky friendship,” CNN reported. “For instance, at one point years ago, Stone started a rumor that Credico was dead.”

In November 2017, Stone privately told the House Intelligence Committee that Credico was his contact to Wikileaks when he was attempting to obtain information about Hillary Clinton. (Stone later confirmed this in a Facebook post.) Credico was then subpoenaed and testified in front of Robert Mueller’s grand jury in September 2018. He brought Bianca along for that visit to federal court, claiming that she is a therapy dog.

Randy Credico and Bianca during their trip to federal court in September. Photo: Alex Wong/Getty Images

In November 2018, NBC News published texts between Stone and Credico from October 2016, in which Credico hinted that WikiLeaks would be releasing incriminating information about the Clinton campaign. Some of the messages were far more vitriolic. As far as we know, no texts between Stone and Bianca have been released.

Where does Bianca stand politically?
She supported Bernie Sanders in the 2016 Presidential primary, Cynthia Nixon in the 2018 New York gubernatorial primaries, and took part in the Occupy Wall Street protests.

Has she responded to her mention in the indictment?
Not this time around, though Credico did post publicly around the time of the alleged threat.

Finally, do you like her haircut?

Roger Stone Allegedly Threatened to Kidnap This Precious Dog