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Ryan Reynolds’s Face Has a New Job

Ryan Reynolds. Photo: Courtesy of Giorgio Armani Beauty

Ryan Reynolds (this Canadian Ryan, not that one) has been named the new face of Armani Code, the men’s fragrance franchise by Giorgio Armani. His first campaign in the new role will be for the brand’s newest scent, Armani Code Absolu, a “sparkling” and “sensuous” scent that launches in February along with a short film directed by Reed Morano, the Emmy-award winning director for The Handmaid’s Tale.

“Why this Canadian Ryan?” one may ask. Armani Code Absolu is described as “a new vision of masculine seduction” that was “created for the man who is as smart as he is bold.” Reynolds, who openly addresses all caterpillars with she/her pronouns (smart) and wore this very striking sweater to a party where no one else wore striking sweaters (bold), is a good match.

Reynolds also knows a thing or two about scents. In a recent interview with WWD, he described his relationship to it as such: “Scent is important to me. Scents can bring you back instantly to a childhood memory, a relationship, a moment in your life. They bring you back to moments of great transitions, to the moments as you grew up in the world,” which leads me to believe that he holds a Ph.D. in Scent Memories, an achievement that’s been vastly overshadowed by his charming Twitter presence and Marvel movie roles.

Armani Code Absolu
Ryan Reynolds’s Face Has a New Job