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SNL’s Elizabeth Warren Wants to Stick Her Finger Up Your Caboose, for America

Senator Elizabeth Warren is a spry and naughty 69, so you know what that means: She’s forming an exploratory committee to fight, fight, fight for the presidency. Joe Biden? Too old! Kirsten Gillibrand? Brand stealer! But even if she knows you favor way too many other candidates and she isn’t the most, um, exciting option, you’re going to need her just as much as your least favorite doctor. “Am I likable? Probably not. But neither is a prostate exam, but you need one, or you’ll die. This country is long overdo for a finger up its caboose,” she explained on SNL. “You might even like it. So bend over, America, and let Momma Warren get to work.” Let her be that woman!

SNL: Elizabeth Warren Wants to Stick a Finger Up Your Ass