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Why Is Every Beauty Product a Stick Now?

Photo: Courtesy of the Retailers

Canned tuna, napkins, sex. Millennials have been accused of killing a lot of things, and soon, beauty products that come in liquid or cream form might be added to that list. In the era of millennial beauty empires and makeovers, products like cleansers, masks, and body lotion – that have nothing obvious to do with drawing on faces – are increasingly being produced in solid, stick form.

What does it all mean?! It’s easy to fall back on the cliche theory that millennials are just lazy (it’s also why we don’t eat cereal), but it’s probably true in this scenario. I know from first-hand experience testing many a beauty product: Squeezing things is annoying. Pumping things then rubbing them in is annoying. The gunk that builds up under caps is annoying. Spatulas are cute, but annoying. Triple-checking that products in your recycled Glossier pink pouch are definitely under 3.1 ounces before they go through the TSA scanny-thing is annoying! Sticks get rid of all these problems and make it a lot easier to haul a lazy, multi-step skin-care routine from place to place.

Other stick-related benefits include:

  • Elimination of spills.
  • A mini massage built into every application (automatic qualification as self-care).
  • Suddenly having lots of products that are like really big versions of ChapSticks, which is fun for some reason.
  • Excellent on-the-go spot treating if you’re too lazy to moisturize from head-to-toe. Like only moisturizing dry knees while wearing ripped jeans, only moisturizing your elbows when your sleeves are rolled, or only moisturizing the upper pubic-bone area when we all start wearing low-rise jeans again.

I’m sure there are at least three more perks I have yet to discover on this journey, but in the meantime, here are nine beauty products that come in convenient solid and stick form for those who can’t be bothered, millennial or otherwise.

A Cleanser in Stick Form

This stick gets you a nice facial massage, shine-free skin, and a heavenly rose scent, all for under $10. The solid is also made with natural coconut oil so your skin gets a gentle cleanse without any stripping.

An Eye Cream in Stick Form

You can skip visible under-eye masks and defuse hangover face incognito with this cooling stick that soothes on contact ( … while also reducing puffiness, dark circles, fine lines, and all that other good stuff you’d except from a traditionally creamy eye cream).

A Clay Mask in Stick Form

White charcoal helps bring new, healthy skin cells to the surface by enhancing exfoliation, and this stick mask makes it easier to cleanly target the areas of your face that need those turnover powers the most.

A Face and Body Oil in Stick Form

This quick-absorbing oil makes it easy to moisturize easy-to-forget areas in public. For extra credit, swipe it over your makeup to make it look like you’ve been hydrating all week.

A Body Lotion in Stick Form

If you’re looking for a little less glimmer with your hydration, this rose-scented body butter in a stick moisturizes without the shine.

A Perfume in Stick Form

If dabbing your fingers in a Diptyque perfume solid is too messy, and rolling on a rollerball perfume feels too cold, glide any one of five Derek Lam scent balms onto your pulse pints and toss it back into your fanny pack.

An Exfoliator in Stick Form

I am still not entirely sure what this stick is trying to say with its dirty name, but it’s very good at making faces feel extra clean. This solid exfoliating gel gently polishes away dead skin that an everyday cleanser can’t get rid of.

A Makeup Remover in Stick Form

This stick packs the brand’s Take the Day Off Cleansing Balm into a more portable form that’s excellent for fixing smoky eye fall-out and eyeliner fails.

A Hair Pomade in Stick Form

If you’ve always wondered what it’d be like to swipe deodorant in your hair, now’s your chance. Swipe this styling stick all over to add bed-head texture throughout, or zero in on flyaways to keep them laying flat.

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Why Is Every Beauty Product a Stick Now?