These Poly Vampires Are Crazy About Each Other — and Drinking Blood!

Logan and Daley. Photo:

Would you drink your partner’s blood? It’s an interesting question. Maybe you’re thinking, “no.” But, well, how about this: Would you drink your partner’s blood if you were a vampire, and you had your vampiric awakening during your teenage years, and you “needed” blood to sate an unquenchable thirst (for blood), and it was also kind of a hot sexual thing for you, as well?

See — there’s the rub.

Logan South, 32, and his wife Daley, 31, are a polyamorous couple from Austin, Texas, who consider themselves vampires. They met, according to Rock ’n’ Roll Bride, about a decade ago at a goth club in Austin. Recently, they were the subject of an episode of a reality series called Extreme Love, which was then the subject of a Daily Mail article, focused on their polyamorous relationship with a woman named Ilona, their live-in girlfriend who also serves as their blood donor once or twice a month. I would say “It’s Complicated,” but actually the situation seems to be figured out quite well.

The pair wed in 2017 in front of 300 close friends, with a $120,000 ceremony that was covered, also, by the Daily Mail. (Far over their original $30,000 budget, the couple explained.) Their cake was shaped like Dracula’s castle, Logan wore custom-made armor modeled after Dracula’s armor, and then afterward they went on a honeymoon to Romania, where Dracula is from. They know what they like!

I’ve tried to figure out how they made the money to cover such an extravagant celebration, or their lives otherwise, and it has been slightly difficult. However, there is a Metro article that explains Logan “works online or in a nightclub or their fetish club where people assemble to engage in BDSM on the sex floor.” Yes, yes.

Logan’s Twitter profile sheds more light: “Seen on True Life on MTV, The Soup on E! and FOX News. King of the Vampire Court of Austin. CEO: Nocturnity [ed: the club that was mentioned earlier] & Dead South Fangs [ed: a fang-making business]. Actor, singer, and model.” And Daley’s Twitter bio says, “Founder and Queen of the Vampire Court of Austin [ed. a private club for Austin’s vampire community, of which Logan and Daley are considered king and queen], manager at Nocturnity, certified event coordinator, model, singer, and dancer.” So, there’s that.

Anyway, if we can return to the blood drinking, I’ll have you know that blood drinking is not a thing Daley particularly enjoys. She doesn’t like the way blood tastes, and she finds having to drink it inconvenient. So why does she go out of her way to drink blood, an activity that seems, for the most part, avoidable? “I’m someone that needs it, but I’m not a big fan of it.”

Daley explains she had her vampiric awakening in high school, when she had an “intense thirst” in English class. She ran to a water fountain and drank from it, but she didn’t feel any less thirsty. “At that point, I happened to run into one of my friends in the hallway that had been helping me through my awakening.” Thank God! That friend explained that what she was feeling was a thirst for blood, and brought her to a “donor” (to drink their blood).

“We found my friend and they pulled out a lancet [ed. a little surgical blade often used by diabetics use to prick their fingers] and I drank from them and [the thirst] was immediately gone.”

Logan had his vampiric awakening when he was 15. He said, of the first time he consumed blood, “It was empowering, heightened all of my senses and sensations — a rush.” He finds it hotter and more sexual than Daley does, though even she admitted that she understands the appeal: “There is a sense of a very sexual nature to it, you know, because it is someone taking you in.”

What else about these guys? Hmm. They sleep during the day and try to stay out of the sun as much as possible. (Logan says he goes into the sun maybe once a week.) Daley was not poly before she met Logan, but for him it was non-negotiable, and she liked him enough to adjust her lifestyle. And they have their girlfriend and blood donor Ilona tested for bloodborne illnesses once every six months!

Congratulations to Logan and Daley. It truly seems like they’ve figured it out for themselves in a way that works for them.

How Two Poly Vampires Make Their Marriage Work