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Today Is Probably Your Favorite Celebrity’s Birthday

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This morning, with my eyes still blurry from sleep and the lack of contacts, I began my morning ritual of scanning Instagram less than 90 seconds after waking up. With just one eye open, I scrolled to a nice but somewhat questionable birthday post for Betty White by E!. The actress and comedian is 97 today! I would have enjoyed this wonderful news more if the caption had not insisted on alluding to the fact that this means she is inching closer to death (as of course we all are).

After my morning scroll, and making a note to sit down and watch Golden Girls one of these days, I closed the app only to reopen it the moment I picked my phone back up, because my hands work based on muscle memory and little else. There was another birthday tribute, this time #MyPresident Barack Obama was sweetly wishing best selling author and #MyFirstLady Michelle Obama a happy birthday as well.

What a wonderful coincidence! Two very lovely and popular women were born on this day, January 17. I headed over to Twitter to make sure I didn’t miss any other news, I noticed that not only were these two women celebrating their birthdays, but so were actors James Earl Jones, Jim Carrey, Steve Harvey, and Zooey Deschanel. Upon further investigation I realized that today is also the birthday of musicians Calvin Harris, Lil John, Tiesto, and Kid Rock; basketball star Dwayne Wade; and YouTube personality Jake Paul. I found posthumous birthday wishes for Eartha Kitt, Muhammad Ali, and Benjamin Franklin. Ray J’s birthday is today, he’s alive, but you get it!

Is this the most celebrity stacked birthday of the year? I do not know, but you should probably check your iCal to make sure you’re not missing a loved ones birthday, since it seems like a very popular day for them. You are welcome for the reminder, and happy birthday to everyone.

Today Is Probably Your Favorite Celebrity’s Birthday